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Siemens Tiastar MCC Buckets/Motor Control Center Buckets

You can trust West Coast Power to get you the Siemens MCC bucket you need, quickly. Siemens (which includes ITE and Furnas) originally manufactured the Model 95 and 95 plus, MARQ21, 5641 and 5642, 9800, 5640 and ITE Gould 9600 Series Motor Control Center (MCC) Buckets years ago, and currently offers the tiastar MCC. Although Siemens no longer produces and supports these MCCs, West Coast Power can supply refurbished versions of these Motor Control Center Buckets - our rebuilt models are retrofitted with new components, bringing your Motor Control Centers up to the latest technology without replacing the entire MCC. Each bucket features a full 1-year replacement warranty. Call us today for questions or to discuss your specific MCC Bucket needs.

Siemens Tiastar MCC Bucket

Siemens Tiastar Motor Control Center/MCC Buckets
  • Interchangeable with Furnas System89
  • Circuit breaker and fusible type available
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Call 800-214-0759 for more info
  • When a Motor Control Center/MCC Bucket fails you only have two options - buy a reconditioned replacement or buy a brand new bucket. Buying a new replacement is a major undertaking, as the failed bucket is not the only thing that needs to be replaced. A complete retrofit of the entire motor control center will be in order. The cost and complexity of the project can easily skyrocket, not to mention the long lead times. Opting to rebuild eliminates the cost and necessity for new infrastructure. In fact, we can supply a completely reconditioned and fully tested Siemens MCC bucket with the latest components in as little as one week in most cases, and will back the product with a full 1-year replacement warranty.

    Other Siemens/ITE MCC Buckets/Motor Control Center Buckets

    Siemens AG is a German engineering conglomerate, the largest of its kind in Europe. The company has three main business sectors: Industry, Energy, and Healthcare; with a total of 15 divisions.

    Siemens has an installed base of Motor Control Centers dating back to 1964 due to acquisitions of Allis-Chalmers in 1978, ITE Gould in 1983 and Furnas Electric in 1996. This has resulted in eleven MCC models installed across the United States. Replacement units for these models as well as the current tiastar MCC offerings are built in the Siemens West Chicago plant. Siemens has a great document posted on their site for identifying each of their MCC Buckets here.

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