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The Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) brand name is fairly complex due to the history of product line acquisition and naming rights ownership changes. The original FPE company that began manufacturing electrical panels, circuit breakers, and other electrical parts decades ago is no longer around (to our knowledge).

As far as we know today, there is one company officially using the Federal Pacific name, yet it's not affiliated or connected in any way with the original FPE brand or product line - Federal Pacific Transformers and Switchgear, based in Virginia, produces Transformers and Switchgear and has been doing so since 1987. Beyond this, you'll find a few manufacturers and several retailers and distributors still offering new and refurbished FPE branded products styled after the original Federal Pacific Electric Company brand.

Federal Pacific (Circuit Breakers, Panel Boards, Bus Way)

New, used, and obsolete - all come with a 1-year replacement warranty

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* Not all of our inventory is listed on our website. Call us if you can't find what you need.


Federal Pacific NC020 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NC020 - 1p 20a 120v cb
Reconditioned: $18.00
New: $28.00

Federal Pacific NA2100 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NA2100 - 2pole 100amp 120/240volt na type circuit breaker
Reconditioned: Call for Price
New: Call for Price

Federal Pacific NC015 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NC015 - 1pole 15amp 120/240volt nc type
Reconditioned: $18.00
New: $28.00

Federal Pacific NC0230 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NC0230 - 2pole 30amp 120/240volt nc type
Reconditioned: $38.00
New: $58.00

Federal Pacific NA20 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NA20 - 1pole 20amp 120/240volt na type
Reconditioned: $28.00
New: Call for Price

Federal Pacific NA230 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NA230 - 2pole 30amp 120/240volt na type
Reconditioned: $54.00
New: Call for Price

Federal Pacific NA260 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NA260 - 2p 60a 120/240v cb
Reconditioned: $54.00
New: Call for Price

Federal Pacific NAGF15 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NAGF15 - 1pole 15amp 120volt nagf type
Reconditioned: $125.00
New: Call for Price

Federal Pacific NAGF20 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NAGF20 - 1pole 20amp 120volt nagf type
Reconditioned: $125.00
New: Call for Price

Federal Pacific NA2125 Circuit Breaker

Federal Pacific NA2125 - 2pole 125amp 120/240volt na type
Reconditioned: $250.00
New: Call for Price

We also stock items not listed in our online catalog

Federal Pacific (Circuit Breakers, Panel Boards, Bus Way) - New and Obsolete

West Coast Power has been specializing in new, reconditioned and obsolete Circuit Breakers, Motor Controls, Busway and other electrical supply products for over 20 years. If you have old or hard-to-find circuit breakers, motor controls, bus plugs, or other electrical distribution products that need replacing give us a call or request a quote. We have new, used and obsolete products coming in all the time.

Due to the nature of the reconditioning process, we don't always get a chance to get all of our products represented in our online catalog - some are often sold before we get a chance to list them. If you don't see it listed, chances are, we likely have it in stock or can get it for you fast - and all of our reconditioned products carry the same 1-year warranty that come with our new products. And we offer price matching on all products - if you find it cheaper elsewhere, call us. Order typically ship the same business day the order was received. Let us get you the Federal Pacific (Circuit Breakers, Panel Boards, Bus Way) Circuit Breakers, Motor Controls, Busway you need, quickly.